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Job Opportunities



Columbus job openings will be posted for our recruitment sources along with our national Web site, where you can view Clear Channel Radio openings across the U.S. at www.clearcareers.com


August 22, 2014



We are looking for an exceptional promotion assistant who can work flexible hours, including nights and weekends. Must have a valid driver license. The right person will be responsible for setting up, executing and tearing down while working well with the sales and programming staff. Candidate should be able to lift at least 25lbs. You have to carry stuff. Contact: Erin Rafferty, Promotion Director, Clear Channel Media + Entertainment, 2323 W. 5th Avenue, Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43204 erinrafferty@clearchannel.com



We are seeking a person with very strong organizational skills and extraordinary attention to detail for this rare Traffic Coordinator opening. Must be able to multitask in a fast-paced environment and interact well with sales, entertainment, engineering and administrative personnel. Primary duties will include the scheduling and rotation of commercials and overseeing the affidavits-of-performance for all scheduled advertisements. This position requires the ability to complete data-entry with speed and accuracy along with managing sales contracts and other required paperwork as assigned. This traffic coordinator position will serve additionally as a backup for associates with the same responsibilities for our other radio stations in the Columbus unit. Contact: Rhonda Everhart at: rhondaeverhart@clearchannel.com Position l 8/4/14



Be the part-time assistant for our National Sales Department. This person must be able to work independently with our national sales coordinator and our national sales team. Must be organized, aggressive and understand the sales process. Candidate will have computer skills and be willing to take the initiative to make deadlines. Duties include scheduling sales orders, gathering continuity and performing great customer service. This is a Monday-to-Friday 25-hour per week position. Contact: Michelle Coleman, Recruitment Coordinator at: MichelleColeman2@clearchannel.com 7/25/14



We are looking for an individual who can create clean and effective visuals for our websites. The ideal candidate will be able to work closely with the sales department and provide exceptional work in a fast-paced environment. They will also assist the digital program director and other content coordinators in producing compelling Web content that utilizes graphics, audio, video and text. Some evening and weekend hours required. At the end of the day: You had fun providing a superior Web presence. Job requirements are 2+ years of website creation experience. Must have knowledge of Adobe Photoshop™ and/or Fireworks® and Dreamweaver™. Must be proficient with Adobe Flash™ as well as working knowledge of HTML code. Candidate will also possess knowledge of social networking. Experience in shooting and editing video is a plus. Send resume work samples/portfolio with pertinent links to: daveman@clearchannel.com  Original posting date: 1/21/14 Second posting date: 4/9/14  Third posting date: 7/17/14



Got the news bug? We want you on the station that reaches all 88 counties in Ohio! At least two years of radio news experience is required for this position. Must be able to anchor, report and be a monster on social media and the Web!  Multitasking between on-air reports and producing digital content is crucial as are excellent writing and story generation skills. Evenings, some weekends and weekday prime-time fill-ins required. Send resume and work sample to: Mike Elliott, WTVN Program Director via email (less than 2MB please) to: mikeelliott@clearchannel.com Original posting date: 3/24/14 Second posting date: 7/17/14



We are seeking someone for this sales position who possesses great interpersonal communication skills and an energetic presentation. The ideal candidate will learn from the best in the media and entertainment business and enjoy some great rewards as advertisers get dazzled by the quality of our great brands. Contact: Michelle.Coleman@wilsonhcg.com 7/7/14


Clear Channel Media + Entertainment - Columbus is an equal opportunity employer. We are asking for your assistance with our efforts to recruit, hire and promote qualified women and minorities. If you know of individuals who might be qualified for and interested in any of these positions, we encourage you to refer them to us. Please direct all referrals to: Mike Eiland, Recruiting Manager, Clear Channel Media + Entertainment, 2323 W. 5th Ave., Columbus, OH 43204-4899.  

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